Project 01

Development of a shop concept for the men’s wear retail brand Licona having the contrasting pair „familiar/surprising“ as a leitmotif. The entrance works like a huge shop window. The floors and ceiling of the space form a colour unit. A warm orange highlights special points. By separating the ceiling from the walls and by introducing skylights the impression of a space that is continued above the ceiling is given. Exchangeable texts turn the wall into the brand’s image carrier. The textiles are presented by means of variable, arrangeable boxes.

Project 02

Design of a flagship store for the high quality brand Broker - men’s wear. The broker store is characterized by the “rough and smooth” duality: the surrounding is rough: the walls, the ceiling where all installations remain visibly open.

Photos: Alexander Eugen Koller

processed by: BWM Architekten  


Graz, Austria
Vienna, Austria

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